How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

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We often receive emergency calls about frozen pipes in winter. Shockingly, people enjoy cold temperatures and snow, but no one enjoys it when frozen pipes burst. We know everyone gets busy, but it’s important to know the steps on how to avoid frozen pipes.

3 Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

One of the most important things to learn when you become a homeowner in colder climates: learning how to keep pipes from freezing. The second most important thing to learn: to make time to actually follow the necessary tips to avoid frozen pipes.

We can’t help you with the second part, but we’ve got you covered with a few simple tips on keeping your pipes from freezing.

Insulate Your Pipes

Winter is coming, there’s no stopping it. Before it arrives, make sure to insulate your pipes. Head to your nearest hardware store for pipe insulation. It’s made specifically for pipes, and can be used on pipes in unheated, interior spaces.

Let Faucets Drip

We know, sounds nuts, but one of the best ways to avoid pipes freezing is to allow your faucets to drip. We’re not saying leave all of your faucets in your home drip! Suss out which ones are fed by pipes that are exposed to the elements. When a particularly bad cold snap is heading your way, allow just the few faucets to drip. The friction the running water creates throws off a tiny bit of heat, which makes it a lot harder to freeze than standing water.

Even if the water happens to freeze because of extremely frigid temperatures, the simple act of a running faucet relieves much of the pressure build up, and this will often keep the pipe from bursting. See? It’s a win-win.

Leave Your Heat On

When you’re itching to travel during the winter, and head to a tropical vacation, leave your heat on at home. It isn’t necessary to leave the thermostat at 70 degrees. Drop it down to at least 55 to keep your pipes safe in the event that a cold front hits when you’re traveling.

Keep Your Garage Door Closed

If you have a garage, and there’s water supply lines running through them – it’s best to keep the door closed in cold temperatures. Obviously, continue to use your garage, but once you’re done doing what needs to be done in there, close the garage door. It’ll help keep the garage a bit warmer, to help avoid the pipes freezing.

Not Able to Prevent Pipes from Freezing & Bursting?

Sometimes a homeowner can do all the right things, and their pipes still freeze. Unfortunately that also means your pipes have burst, too. We know it’s a pain, but Motor City Plumbing & Drain can help! Call us for all your plumbing emergencies, our master plumbers are available.

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