Top 5 Common Plumbing Myths

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Adulting is difficult for all of us. We’re all out here trying to work, run a household, travel, and live our best lives. Who has the time to deal with plumbing problems? No one. However, we all end up dealing with avoidable plumbing emergencies because we believed common plumbing myths passed down to us from the older, wiser adults in our lives. It happens to every single person.

By sharing some of the common plumbing myths we end up hearing the most often from new homeowners here and now, we hope to help you steer clear of having to deal with a completely avoidable plumbing emergency.

Home Common Plumbing Myths

Myths exist in all walks of life, right? The older one gets, the more myths we hear and if someone isn’t there to shine a little light on the subject, we tend not to doubt the myth. When it comes to common home plumbing myths, we really don’t want to hear panic stricken voices on the phone when the plumbing issue can be avoided.

Trust us – there are plenty of unavoidable plumbing problems to panic about (sorry, it’s just the reality of life). Being an adult brings a whole world of good times! However, it also means handling some crazy moments, too. So if we can cut those crazy moments down for you, we will! Let’s focus on the biggest plumbing myths to assist you all right now.

Flushable Wipes are Safe to Flush Down Your Toilet

Never trust packages that claim an item can be flushed down your toilet. Well, other than one-ply toilet paper, that is. Yes, those flushable wipes will go down the toilet. However, since they aren’t biodegradable and usually thicker than toilet paper, they collect in your plumbing pipes and clog your pipes up!

The only items, besides number 1 and number 2, that are safe to flush down the toilet is….. toilet paper. More specifically – thinner toilet paper. Dispose of wet wipes, sanitary napkins and everything other than toilet paper, in the garbage.

All Faucets Will Leak Eventually

This one is a big one. Faucets do have wear and tear over the years. Sure, it can cause a little leaking. However, you shouldn’t ignore a leaky faucet NO MATTER WHAT. A faucet leaking can be an indication that your water pressure isn’t right, or it can mean your faucet isn’t installed properly and is coming loose. Allowing a faucet to leak will cost you a ton of money on your water bill, and will also end up costing you a fortune when you have to call a plumber to fix it, and handle any damage it may have caused.

Using Chemicals is the Best Way to Clear Clogs

Ooph this is a big one for homeowners – pouring chemicals down their drains to eat away a clog in their pipes. What the bottle of chemicals isn’t telling you is that as the chemicals eat away at the clog, they’re also eating away at your pipes.

Yep. Do this enough times, and those chemicals will corrode your pipes and bring a whole ton of problems upon your house. Emergency plumbing problems that cost big bucks to fix, and if you don’t fix them in time, you’ll also have to pay for water damage to your home once the pipes give out and destroy your home.

Lemons are the Best Way to Freshen Your Garbage Disposal

Listen, we love lemons. They smell great, and who doesn’t love them in tea? Lemonade in the summer, also an amazing job the mighty lemon knocks out of the park. What job do lemons NOT knock out of the park? Cleaning and freshening up garbage disposals.

The temporary fix for the gross smell happening in the garbage disposal comes at a cost – duller blades, and the lemon juice is acidic, which can cause corrosion. The better option? Turn the disposal off, disconnect it from the power, and then clean it with warm, soapy water and a long brush. Be gentle as you scrub, and then connect it again. You can also pour a little vinegar and water mix into the disposal to help keep it fresh-smelling. Then run a little clean water down the garbage disposal, and it’ll be ready for the next time you need it.

Hot Grease is Okay to Pour Down Your Kitchen Sink

Hot grease eventually cools off. Grease is fat. When it cools off, it hardens back up, and this coats your pipes. The hardened grease collects, and also attracts other residue, and everything basically clogs your pipes.

Let the grease cool off and harden in the pan/pot/dish, then scrape it out into your garbage to dispose of it.

Not All Master Plumbers are Right for Your Plumbing Problems

Not every master plumber is created equal! If you’re running into plumbing emergencies and need reliable and experienced master plumbers, give Motor City Plumbing & Drain a call. We’re available for you and your plumbing needs.

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