One of the most shocking feelings in the world is stepping into your shower, after running it for a bit to get it nice and warm, and being hit with ice cold water. It messes with your body, and your mind. Then the fear sets in as you think “how much is this whole situation going to cost to fix”?

Run Another Faucet

Before panicking and thinking the worst, check your other faucets. If none of them have hot water, then it’s probably the water tank. If there is hot water coming out of your various faucets around your home, then the problem is more than likely either the shower valve, or the anti-scald device.

Your Anti-Scald Device is Set Too High

Not all shower faucets have an anti-scald device. If you take the handle off of your faucet, which might require a screwdriver. Once the handle is off, you should see a plastic device IF your particular faucet model comes with one.

After finding the plastic device, pull it out a bit and turn it to the right a little and then push it back into place. After pushing it back in place, run your water again to see if it comes out hotter. If it comes out hotter, then you’ve solved your problem!

Continue the same process until you are happy with the water temperature. Then put the faucet back together, put your tools away and finally take that shower you deserve!

Unfortunately, if your faucet doesn’t have an anti-scald device, and the problem hasn’t been solved, it might be a shower mixing valve problem.

Inspect Your Shower Mixing Valve

Shower faucets have a special valve that mixes both hot and cold water to create that beautifully perfect temperature for an enjoyable shower experience. However, if the hot water isn’t flowing and you’re hit with a stream of frigid cold water, the washers or O-rings probably need replacing.

Over time washers and O-rings wear out, and the valve won’t work properly, which will cause cold water to come through the shower head. Once replaced, the shower head should work properly.

Bring in a Master Plumber for Your Hot Water Fix

If your water tank is working properly, and you’ve checked the shower valve, along with the anti-scald device – but nothing you find and fix helps bring back your ultimate shower experience – then it’s time to call the plumbing professionals at Motor City Plumbing and Drain. A Master Plumber will be able to assess the situation and provide options on how to fix the problem.

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