A functional garbage disposal is an important part of any hygienic home. They should technically last up to 12 years, if taken care of and maintained properly. However, most people wouldn’t know how to diagnose garbage disposal issues and might end up neglecting this task. That means that you could drastically shorten its lifespan. Fear not. There are a couple of common signs that tell you that you need to contact a master plumber for their plumbing services. They can perform a proper disposal repair or replacement in the event of neglect or damage.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

If you’re reading this area, it likely means you are having a problem with your garbage disposal. If your disposal is displaying any of the below problems, it’s time to call out a professional. These are the most common garbage disposal problems that require professional plumbing services.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

If your disposal is constantly clogging up then it could mean a number of different things. For instance, the disposal might just be too small. If so, getting jammed because of a lack of space. If you recently changed your diet, this could be the culprit. The types of foods you put into the disposal may be larger and bulkier. It could also be because the blades in your garbage disposal are dull. This causes it to dispose of waste much more slowly. In any of these cases, speak with a local plumber to see if they can assist in a disposal replacement.

Leaky Disposal

Leaks will usually indicate that there is a crack or split somewhere in your garbage disposal that needs to be repaired. If the crack is large enough, the disposal will need to be replaced. If you’re noticing any drips or water pools underneath your sink and near the disposal, you likely need to replace it immediately.

Too Much Noise

If your disposal makes some funky noises, it likely has a broken motor. Finding help depends on where the disposal is used. For instance, if it’s in a restaurant kitchen, you will need to call a commercial plumber. If the garbage disposal problem arises in a home, call your local emergency plumber for a residential fix. Sometimes a plumber will work in commercial and residential plumbing – check them out beforehand.

Grinding for a Long Time

Unless you’ve recently changed your food habits where you are trying to get rid of more waste, you may have an issue with the motor or blades failing. Food waste shouldn’t take that long to grind. If you’ve noticed that your food is taking longer to grind then, have your local plumber inspect your garbage disposal. It will be quicker and cheaper in the long-run. This is a problem a master plumber could easily diagnose and help you fix within the same day.

Garbage Disposal Motor Stops Randomly

If you find that you’re constantly reaching for the reset button to restore power to your disposal then there’s a good chance that the unit is damaged. The damage could be caused by a number of things but it’s most likely an electrical failure especially if the motor stops completely. This is an easy fix as long as you hire master plumbing services to help diagnose the issue and help you deal with it quickly.

Fixing or Replacing a Garbage Disposal

If you’re noticing any of the above garbage disposal problems, hire a licensed plumber to either fix or replace it. When you hire a professional plumber, you reduce the end cost of buying a disposal and attempting to install it yourself. While garbage disposals can be installed by a home owner, there may be underlying problems with the plumbing that can create costly repairs.

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