How to Fix a Leaky Shower Head

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Many of us take our showers seriously. One of the main reasons we take them as seriously as we do? When we’re under that stream of water pouring down from our shower head, it’s the only time we have to ourselves. We want to enjoy great water pressure flowing from that shower head, and the last thing we want to hear after turning the water off is the drip, drip, drip from a leaky shower head.

Homeowners know all too well how painful a leaky shower can be. Seriously, who has the time to fix it before money is thrown down the drain (crazy how much we pay for water, right?). One way to save a little cash: fix it yourself. You can try do it after work, and not have to miss a day from work waiting for a plumber!

Shower Head Leaking Causes

If the shower head is dripping, or drizzling, it’s usually the shower faucet, a.k.a. valve. This kind of leaky shower head can be caused by:

  • clogged holes
  • worn out inner seals
  • corroded valves

Your first instinct will be to turn the shower handle as hard as you can to the off position. Fight the urge. It could damage your valve. We have much better ways to fix shower head leaks.

Why you need to fix your leaky shower head

We understand – fixing a shower head isn’t part of your homeowner skill set. However, a shower head leak left unfixed is not only wasting water, but also, your money. Every homeowner pays for their water supply, so Motor City Plumbing & Drain really doesn’t want to see it going right down the shower drain.

Supplies you’ll need for this plumbing project:

    • Screwdriver
    • Plumber’s DEEP SOCKET
    • Correct faucet washers, O-rings, seals and flat washer for your brand of faucet
    • Plumber’s grease
    • Tub Caulk

What you need to know to fix a shower head:

    • Do NOT over-tighten the faucet handle.
    • Throw some old rags and towels beneath the faucet and over the drain. You don’t want small things dropped down the drain.
    • Turn off the water supply. You can do this using the shut-off valve near the shower, or in the basement. If you can’t find the shut-off valve, turn off the main supply to the house.
    • Turn on the bathroom sink faucet, and any other sink faucets close to the bathroom. This will drain the water from the pipes closest to where you’ll be working.
    • BREATHE.
    • Remove the faucet handle, the trim and probably a sleeve that fits over the faucet stem.
    • Unscrew the faucet stem.
    • Replace all faucet washers, O-rings, seals, and the flat washer at the end of the stem.
    • Reassemble the faucet stem, lubricate the threads with plumber’s grease, tighten the valve body and then test it to check for leaks BEFORE
    • finishing the reassembling.
    • If everything’s working right, complete the reassembling.

Shower Head Repair Often Requires a Professional Plumber

A leaky shower is a hassle, and it’s often easier to ignore the problem instead of attempting to fix it on your own. Depending on the type of faucet you have, the job is often not as simple as a homeowner would hope.

If the thought of turning off the water supply sends shivers up your spine, it’s probably best to call a trusted plumbing company. When a homeowner isn’t sure of the faucet brand, or the brand proves to be a more complicated assembly, call a professional plumber.

When you try to fix a leaky shower head yourself, and run into an issue, it’s best not to make the situation worse by trying to fix the new issue. No one wants to see broken pipes, or flooding, or a home unable to turn their water back on for days because of a mishap during a leaky shower repair.

Leaky Shower Repair Professionals

A licensed plumber is trained to handle all plumbing problems, including a leaky shower head. Motor City Plumbing & Drain can help you, and often, hiring a professional plumber will cost less than attempting to repair your plumbing problem yourself.

Give your neighborhood plumber service a call, we’re here!

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