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Metro-Detroit Area Plumbing Services

Motor City Plumbing & Drain provides its customers in Metro-Detroit with remarkable plumbing services with practical solutions for any plumbing situation including plumbing repairs and replacements. You can trust our service. We’re reliable, clean, and we work diligently to find the best solution within our plumbing services to fit your unique situation.

Whatever the plumbing problem – from leaky faucet pipes to sewer line replacement – you can count on Motor City Plumbing & Drain to accurately assess the situation and fix the plumbing problem. Your plumbing service begins with thorough diagnostics and a diagnosis for your plumbing concern. Your plumber will inspect your plumbing problem and will spend time talking to you about your plumbing service options which may include a repair or a replacement.


Common Plumbing Services

As a full-service plumbing company, we’re proud to offer our customers a wide variety of plumbing services for residential plumbing and commercial plumbing needs. These are some of the most common calls we receive for plumbing services:

Master Plumber

Master Plumber

Plumbers You Can Count On 24/7

Plumbing emergencies can occur at any time – in the middle of the night or while you’re on vacation. Trust Motor City Plumbing & Drain to be there whenever you need us.

Choose Plumbers You Can Rely on for Plumbing Repairs

We often don’t notice plumbing problems until it’s too late and the your plumbing components are already broken. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or toilet that won’t flush properly, you can rely on us to fix the problem fast.

You Can’t Afford to Wait with Leaky Pipes

Whether it’s your toilet, showers, or sinks that have visible leaks – it’s usually a sign that something bigger is brewing. Leaky pipes can wreak havoc on your home and cost you more money if you wait to get them fixed.

Turn Up the Heat & Comfort

We rely on water heaters daily but we only notice an issue when our water runs ice cold! If you notice sand or sediment in your water or your showers are like the Polar Dip, you may need your water heater repaired or a new water heater installed.  

Don’t Let Your Kitchen Come to a Grinding Halt

Garbage disposals can be delicate and when a garbage disposal breaks, you’ll notice it immediately … because the smell is awful. These repairs are often quick but you may need a garbage disposal installation.

Experts in Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line problems can disrupt your family life. They can cause floods, mold, and other expensive plumbing problems. Sewer line repairs are not easy fixes and they require licensed and trained plumbers to make accurate repairs the first time.

Plumbing Services at a Glance

Motor City Plumbing & Drain is a full-service plumbing company. We also diagnose and fix the following plumbing problems through repair, installation, or maintenance:

  • Drains
  • Pumps
  • Faucets
  • Showers
  • Bathtubs


  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Piping
  • Water Lines
  • Water Treatment

Get Expert Solutions During Plumbing Emergencies

Let’s face it – plumbing emergencies rarely happen when it’s convenient and that’s why we’re available 24/7 for your plumbing needs. If you are experiencing flooding or your sink is backing up, our expert plumbers will be there to help you! Day or night, we will be there to diagnose and fix your plumbing emergency.

Local Plumbers

When you call Motor City Plumber, you are not dealing with a large corporation – you are working with local plumbers who are neighborly and have your plumbing needs in mind. We work with you on plumbing solutions that will be a bandage-fix but will fix the underlying issues causing your plumbing problem. Whether your plumbing needs regular maintenance or a new installation is needed, our plumbers will help you select the right fixtures for your needs and we’ll install them – satisfaction guaranteed.


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Signs of Damaged Pipes

Signs of Damaged Pipes

As a homeowner, you might think it’s easy to spot a damaged pipe but most homeowners don’t know what to look for. If you don’t know the signs of damaged pipes, you run the risk of creating further damage. When pipes are damaged, they start to decompose and it can...

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Reasons Your Faucet is Dripping

Reasons Your Faucet is Dripping

Keeping your faucets in good condition is something that a lot of people simply neglect but it’s actually a very important component of keeping your home in good condition. Leaky faucets tend to cause a wide range of different issues such as unwanted noise that could keep you up at night and even raising your water bills significantly. In addition, a leaky faucet will often indicate a much more serious underlying issue that is best fixed as soon as possible so that it doesn’t cause long-term damage to your plumbing system.

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