Bathroom Renovation Project

Before starting this bathroom renovation project, our customer, John, gave us an idea of what he was looking for and we went to work. This makes our job much easier. John’s bathroom remodel required piping for new sinks and water line repair. Sometimes when we start working on bathroom renovations, as with any home renovation project, the unexpected happens. In this case, we needed to conduct a water line repair as part of the bathroom remodel. As you can see, it’s not pretty work. However, getting the water line repaired was a necessity to ensure the plumbing service for his renovation could be completed.

Tough Work for a Bathroom Renovation

Remodeling a bathroom is not an easy job. A lot of work goes into sink repair and sink replacement. When repairing a water line during a renovation project, we consider this equal parts sink repair and sink replacement. To ensure John didn’t have any future problems with his plumbing in this bathroom, new piping systems were installed. Below, you can see how intricate the water line repair is. It often requires removal of cement and other dirty work that would make most people cringe.

A Happy Bathroom Renovation Customer

In the end, John’s bathroom renovation looked great and he was very happy with the results. While it’s hard to see the plumbing work behind the scenes, the pictures below give a view of how detailed plumbing services can be. The decor changed the look and feel of the bathroom, giving it an updated feel. But it was the plumbing work set the foundation for a smooth remodeling project.