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Need help with persistent drain problems? The last thing any homeowner wants is a problem with their drain or sewer lines. But if you are experiencing backed up drains, slow drains, or other recurring drain issues, there is likely a problem in the sewer line that will require immediate attention. Motor City Plumbing and Drain provides professional sewer solutions, including sewer replacement, hydro jetting, water heaters, drain cleaning services, sewer repair, and sump pump services for homeowners throughout the Metro Detroit area.

Our team will take the time to assess the problem, discuss the best solution for your home, and make sure the job is completed to meet the highest quality and safety standards. We will work closely with you to deliver the exceptional results you deserve and the long-term peace of mind you need.

Give us a call today for a quick response. We are committed to providing the best sewer replacement solutions in Metro Detroit.

Excavating yard for sewer replacement

Signs It Might Be Time to Replace Your Sewer Line

Older homes with original plumbing lines still in place may have damaged or deteriorating sewer pipes. Several factors can affect your sewer line: tree root damage, nearby construction work, corrosion, and severe buildup.

Sewer line problems are often preceded by recurring drain issues, including backed up or overflowing toilets, wastewater coming out of the shower drain after flushing, or multiple clogged drains.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Metro Detroit plumbers for an immediate inspection and learn more about your options for sewer replacement.

What to Expect from Our Metro Detroit Sewer Replacement Professionals

Before we get started working on your plumbing system, we will carry out a video pipe inspection to pinpoint the source of your sewer problem. This inspection will allow us to check for leaks, cracks, blockages, and other damage. Once we’ve gotten to the source of the problem, we will explain the results of the inspection and go over the best course of action.

Sewer replacement will involve excavating all along the pipeline—which will require an upheaval of your front yard or the surrounding property. Our Metro Detroit sewer replacement experts will make every effort to get the job done efficiently and return your drain and sewer lines to normal without hassle. After we have completed the sewer replacement, we will conduct a final inspection to ensure the safety and efficiency of your plumbing system.

Contact us today to schedule fast and reliable sewer replacement services in the Metro Detroit area.



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